Open Source release of RRP-VPE plus ICSR paper

We (University of Tsukuba Artificial Intelligence Laboratory) have released the Reactive Robot Programming – Visual Programming Environment as an Open Source project on GitHub. You can get it from here.

Also our paper for the International Conference on Social Robotics has been accepted. You can find the preprint here.

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Journal paper about my DevOps research

We finally finished writing the journal paper about my DevOps research. It will be published in June in the Journal of Software: Evolution and Process (Wiley). I added a project page about this research where you can download all my DevOps related papers. Thanks a lot to my co-authors Chintan Amrit and Maya Daneva for writing the paper together with me even after I moved to Japan, the reviewers for all their great feedback which has helped improve the paper and the Wiley staff who is working on preparing the print version of the paper.